Why FourthParty?

Mediators and Arbitrators are expert negotiators, but they don’t always have the time, experience or the right tools to efficiently manage their business infrastructure. This leads to a less than delightful customer experience riddled with scheduling hassles, clunky paper-based processes, and limited electronic payment options.

FourthParty is built for mediators by mediators to provide scheduling, document management, and communication tools so that dispute resolution professionals can spend minutes instead of hours on business operations.

Every piece of FourthParty is informed by feedback from hundreds of hours of conversations with mediators, arbitrators, law and mediation firm administrators and legal office managers. FourthParty empowers operations teams at small-to-midsize dispute resolution businesses so that they can focus on what truly matters, the people.

Melissa R. Brogdon,
Co-Founder and CEO

Melissa is on a mission to make mediation more accessible.

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Gino Brogdon Jr.,
Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Gino has spent the last decade scaling legal small businesses focused on litigation and dispute resolution.

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