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February 5, 2022

Best Tech Tools for ADR Professionals 2022

With the acceleration of technology, it’s necessary to be flexible and mobile with your work as a negotiator or legal officer. There are several online platforms and mobile applications designed for professionals in the alternative dispute resolution field. Having the right systems and apps in place could enhance your personal and work life.

In this article we created a list of the most recommended digital tools that could improve workflow, social media and marketing, scheduling, client communication, and more for your ADR business.

Fourth Party: Negotiation Management

On-the-move ADR professionals need a safe, secure, and intuitive tech solution to improve their negotiations. The Fourth Party app has the smart features to take your conflict resolution and negotiation to the next level. Our dual-party note-taking tool takes the guesswork out of review and recaps after conversations. Confidently close your cases with our post-reporting feature – seamlessly navigating the last mile of compliance at the state and federal level. Lastly, Fourth Party helps you manage tasks, streamline negotiations, and track case results – all in one place. This is the tool every mediator and arbitrator needs to resolve issues and office matters.

CaseText: Legal Research

Made by attorneys, for attorneys – Casetext software helps legal professionals do their best legal research and writing in a fraction of the time. ADR professionals, law firms, and attorneys can use Casetext’s cutting edge features to review and experience legal research in the most user-friendly, efficient way. This tool is a solid replacement for Lexis and Westlaw at an affordable price.

HelloSign: Digital Signatures

E-signatures are a staple in business and negotiation. When it’s time to execute the agreed or binding resolution and settlement, you want to capture all necessary signatures and complete all paperwork in a timely manner. Upload the document that requires initials, signatures, etc. and add the signers’ email addresses to request their John Hancock. With HelloSign, you can effortlessly prepare, send, sign, and track eSignatures. Use this tool to reach the finish line on your cases.

LastPass: Account Security

Every part of digital life comes with a password. LastPass helps you put it on autopilot, encrypting your business and removing obstacles to remember the very thing that gets you going on your desktop and mobile. This browser extension steps in for you when you’re working on confidential client information in the company system to streaming Netflix or even when shopping online. With multi-factor authentication and strong security algorithms, this is your chance to make your last password ever.

Coggle: Mind-Mapping and Collaboration

Even mediators and arbitrators have a creative or brainstorming streak and need to get their ideas out on how to approach a unique dispute or execute an agreement. Introducing Coggle, a mind mapping software that helps you unleash systems and processes onto a flowchart with ease. With this tool you can start a diagram by uploading or creating. Then invite your ADR and legal colleagues to collaborate with you. They can visualize your planning, notes, design and more right in the browser. Coggle makes work, and life, easy to share with others and see their response at once.

Latergram: Social Media Organization

There’s more to social marketing than likes and comments. Your social media profile could use some organizing as well. Upgrade with Latergram, a tool that is sure to help you save time and grow your ADR business by making it easy to schedule social media posts to multiple platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Get creative when selling and have fun with your audience by sharing your lessons and wins. Turn your images about mediation and arbitration into clickable or shoppable content with a custom link in bio. Latergram simplifies how you schedule your social media content is as simple as dragging-and-dropping. Later will even tell you your unique Best Time to Post, so you can publish regularly without a hitch.

Tiny Scanner (iOS or Android): Document Scanner

Known as the scanner in your pocket – Tiny Scanner is an app that turns iPhone and android devices into the portable document scanner you’ve always needed. This tool scans just about anything – documents, photos, receipts, reports – as images or PDFs. Scan, name, and organize your new PDF into a folder or share it via email, to your computer, or any other folder integration (Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box). It scans lightning fast and you’re a moving ADR professional, so you want to have something like this on-hand.

ADR Professionals Use The Fourth Party App

Our list of the best tools for ADR professionals showcases amazing software, websites, and apps to add to your work repertoire so you can be more effective, efficient, and productive. Always review each tool’s pricing to determine your business needs.

The Fourth Party app is used by ADR firms, legal professionals, and community resolution organizations to execute safe and secure conflict resolution. We offer an end-to-end, encrypted digital environment for your legal documents, resources, and communications. Our dual-party note-taking system provides a framework for easy access to case facts and materials. Our system helps you stay on top of filings, facilitating that final stretch of activities to ensure compliance. And coming very soon, negotiators can maximize their digital resolution process with straightforward case billing, the option for e-signatures to finalize and bind settlements, calendar integration, and confidential video conferencing.

Click here to book a demo with us at Fourth Party. We look forward to getting to know you and doing our part to improve the dispute resolution process.