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close up shot of multiple sets of hands writing on paper on a desk

A Day in the Life of Mediators

You may have an image of what mediators do on a daily basis. Does it look like sitting at a table and talking over issues? Well, every case is unique…

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close up shot of multiple sets of hands writing on paper on a desk

A Day in the Life of Arbitrators

A day in the life of an arbitrator is not just long days spent listening to cases and trying to resolve disputes. Arbitrators, and their conflict…

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Choosing a Mediation Practice Speciality

Choosing a practice area is an important aspect of your career as a mediator or conflict resolution professional; especially if you are planning on…

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group of multiple people sitting at a desk discussing paperwork

How to Become a Arbitrator with or without a Degree

Are you good at resolving disputes? Maybe your friends and family ask you for help in fixing their disputes because they trust your opinion?…

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How to Become a Mediator with or without a Degree

Are you commonly seen as a peacemaker? Do your friends and family seek advice from you to work out disagreements? Would you enjoy a career where you…

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What is Mediation?

Amongst the various methods for alternative dispute resolution, mediation tends to be one of the more common processes for conflict resolution.…

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What is Arbitration?

There are several methods when it comes to alternative dispute resolution and negotiation. While mediation is a very common process for conflict…

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2021 The Georgia Uniform Mediation Act for Mediators and Arbitrators

In Spring 2021, the State Bar of Georgia passed the Georgia Uniform Mediation Act(GUMA) providing new protections and uniform requirements for…

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Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution vs. Litigation

Simply put, court cases are expensive and time-consuming. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes are more efficient and cost-effective…

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Best Tech Tools for ADR Professionals 2022

With the acceleration of technology, it’s necessary to be flexible and mobile with your work as a negotiator or legal officer. There are several…

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